Aruba Restaurant Ratings

About our reviews - we have tried to review these restaurants relative to typical upscale resort destinations and not world class gastronomic venues such as New York, San Francisco, Milan, and Paris. This is not to imply that some of Aruba's restaurants are not great dining experiences. We have only included restaurants that we like — don't want to bad mouth anyone. They are listed somewhat in order of preference.

Aruba is a very dynamic place with old restaurants changing or closing, new chefs arriving, and new restaurants starting. Because we only get to Aruba 2 to 3 times a year, our reviews in some instances can get a bit out of date. If you think a particular one is as off as yesterdays mahi mahi, please let us know.

In some instances we know owners of a restaurant we reviewed. We have tried not to let that influence our opinion.

During the peak tourist periods, some of the higher rated and more popular restaurants book up far in advance. If you have your heart set on certain restaurants, make your reservations before you arrive.

There are so many seafood restaurants in Aruba now the local fishermen can't supply fresh fish to all of them. If you want fresh fish, ask your server which fish on the menu were caught that day.

Wine lists in Aruba are a difficult subject. The supply of fine wines is limited and expensive. There are some surprisingly decent Cabernets and Chardonnay's from Chile and Australia (Shiraz) and some decent reds from Argentina and Australia available on the wine lists and in the supermarkets. Experiment! Many restaurants will permit you to bring a special bottle of wine from home. Some will charge a fee and some won't. Please call the restaurant to make arrangements in advance so that you and they will not be surprised. When we bring wines, we always tip a bit more to compensate for the bill being lower, but the service being the same work.

Restaurant Reviews
  • 2 Fools and a Bull - One of the best meals in Aruba! Phenomenal food is prepared and beautifully plated by Fool #2 (aka Bas). Fool #1 (Pauly) provides the hilarious entertainment and excellent wine pairings by the glass. Over 3 to 4 hours you (and up to 15 other diners) are served a leisurely five course meal with social interludes - very intimate experience. Reservations are difficult to come by but wait list often works out. Palm Beach Phone 586-7177 Website

  • Yemanja Woodfired Grill - Amazing grilled meat and fish! One of our favorites is the Yemanja salad with tenderloin. Decent South American red wines if you'll spend $30 for a bottle. Excellent choice for vegetarians. Reservations a must! Oranjestad Phone 588-4711 Website

  • Wilhelmina - Opened its doors in October 2015, presenting a "World Cuisine" à la carte menu. An instant favorite of ours after one visit - beautiful dining room, world class service, and excellent food. Oranjestad Phone 583-4968 Website

  • Pinchos - Located on a long pier between Oranjestad and the airport (if you see Talk of the Town on your left you've gone too far coming from Oranjestad). The menu is limited, but prepared well. Tasty and worth a try while sitting at a table surrounded by water. The service is attentive and because you are outdoors, the noise level is low and the views are great. They have a nice outdoor bar if you are just in the mood for a drink. The wine list offers reasonable choices at good prices. Say hi to Anabela from Holly and Greg. Oranjestad Phone 583-2666 Website

  • Windows on Aruba - Fresh ingredients presented gorgeously in a beautiful location overlooking the golf course. Excellent wine menu. Eagle Beach Phone 523-5017 Website

  • Screaming Eagle - Billed as French-fusion boutique cuisine, the food is truly delicious. Don't miss Wine Monday's when their 300 wine labels are 44% off! You can eat indoors or outdoors or even on a comfy bed. Eagle Beach Phone 587-8021 Website

  • Papiamento - Charming old Cunucu house, very good food, romantic setting for dining outdoors by the pool. Near our house and the high rise hotels but on one of the roads parallel to L.G. Smith Blvd. Quite popular so make a reservation in advance. Noord Phone 586-4544 Website

  • Que Pasa - The food (surprisingly sophisticated and not Mexican) is the strong point, along with a cordial and knowledgeable Dutch staff. While I like the ambiance, it can best be described as Euro-Caribbean funky with a certain charm. Say hi to Marvin from Holly and Greg. Oranjestad Phone 583-4888 Website

  • Marina Pirata - Good fresh local Aruban seafood. You eat on a deck right on the water. It's fun to feed bread to the fish. It is well out of town so get directions and look at the map. It's a little tricky. Savaneta Phone 585-7150

  • Flying Fishbone - Located on the beach (about 5 miles past the airport going towards St. Nicholas) this charming place where you dine with your toes in the sand is worth the drive. The location and ambiance are the strong points (isn't that what you came for) and the energetic young Dutch staff are a plus. They even have some decent wines at affordable prices. Savaneta Phone 584-2506 Website

  • Texas de Brazil - Located across the road from Playa Linda, this restaurant is an excellent Brazilian steakhouse. If you like meat, you can't leave unhappy or underfed. Good wine list at fair prices and very good salad bar (even vegetarians are happy here). Palm Beach Phone 586-4686 Website

  • Old Man & The Sea - Romantic restaurant on the beach. Like Flying Fishbone, it is about 5 miles past the airport and a tricky drive so definitely get directions. Savaneta Phone 584-3434 Website

  • Madame Janette - Located 5 minutes east of the high rise hotels, this Austrian/Caribbean restaurant features outdoor dining on a deck and a garden. The food is good and the service is relaxed. Before you ask to meet Madame Janette - it's not a person but a type of pepper so don't say you know her when trying to get a reservation on a fully booked night. Bubali Phone 587-0184 Website

  • Blossoms - Who would think that a restaurant that serves both Japanese and Chinese food would be good at either, let alone both? I didn't but was wrong. Located at the Riu Hotel (but is open to the public), the high style décor with gorgeous tanks of sea anemones and gracious efficient service added to the experience. Palm Beach Phone 586-3388

  • The West Deck - Located on the water near the Renaissance Hotel, this restaurant is great for lunch. We love the open air seating and tasty food. Oranjestad Phone 586-4686 Website

  • The Restaurant at Tierra del Sol Resort & Golf Club (formerly Ventanas del Mar) - Good food, nice place (especially the more intimate seating area by the bar or outdoors). Very good jazz trio. Noord Phone 586-7800 Website

  • La Trattoria El Faro Blanco (California Lighthouse Restaurant) - Really nice for an early sunset dinner, but then again so is our front patio. Come here for the spectacular view - the Italian food is OK. Lighthouse area Phone 586-0786 Website

  • Hosteria da Vittorio - Located near the high rise hotels, this Italian restaurant offers very good food, large portions, and professional service with indoor and outdoor dining. The wine list is small and often does not list the vintage. Palm Beach Phone 586-3838 Website

  • Aqua Grill - Think fish, a wide variety of local and imported, all very well prepared but quite pricey. Modern and elegant interior with high ceilings. We especially like sitting in the interior near the fish displayed on ice. Wine list has variety and some reasonable prices. Palm Beach Phone 586-5900 Website

  • Ruinas del Mar - This high end restaurant in the Grand Hyatt has indoor and outdoor seating. We like to sit outdoors at a table next to the black swans pool. Check out the iguanas that climb the rocks. Good food, nicer ambiance if outdoors, high prices. Palm Beach Phone 586-1234 ext. 36 Website

  • Delimar Peruvian Restaurant - Authentic Peruvian cuisine served in a brightly colored setting. Love their ceviche. Family owned little gem in downtown Oranjestad. Phone 582-6139

  • The Driftwood - Good fresh seafood caught by the owner/fisherman. You can go out on their charter fishing boat and they'll prepare the fish you caught for dinner for you. Sometimes they overbook so expect to have a drink at the bar. Oranjestad Phone 583-2515 Website

  • Dushi Bagels - At Playa Linda. Almost like New York bagels. Palm Beach Phone 586-3035

  • Ketsu Sushi Bar - Located next to the bar in the Marriott lobby, this place is casual and affordable. The sake they serve gratis with some of the meals is fine. You won't feel like you are in Japan, but if you have a craving for raw fish and rice with soy sauce and wasabi this will satisfy it. Palm Beach Phone 520-6580

  • King Ribs - Take out ribs open Thursday through Sunday is definitely worth stopping by. Formerly an outdoor stand, it now has a roof and some walls. I bet you can't take in the aroma without ordering more than you came for. Oranjestad Phone 565-8387

  • Moomba Bar - Located on the beach between the Marriott and the Holiday Inn, this huge open air palapa has great views of the ocean sunsets for happy hour and a party scene at night. If you are in Aruba during a full moon, go to the Full Moon party. It gets rolling around 10:30 p.m. and lasts at least until 3:00 a.m. There is also an outdoor and on the beach restaurant that I have yet to try (so many places and so little time). Palm Beach Phone 586-5365

  • El Gaucho - Argentine aged beef. Great! Get the tenderloin. Decent South American red wines if you'll spend $30 for a bottle. Not a good pick for vegetarians. Reservations a must! Oranjestad Phone 582-3677 Website

  • ArubaHouse - Eat what you like. Truly authentic home cooking! Prices vary - Grilled shrimps & pasta $2.50 per person. Wine extra, but not much. No service charge. Don't forget to thank the cook! If you are not staying there, reservations are generally not accepted.

If we left out one of your favorites, let us know and we'll comment on it after we eat there. Often, we like to buy some fish, shrimp, or lobster from the fisherman at the dock (or from Daily Fish outside Super Food - open all days but Sunday) and grill them on the BBQ in our garden. Great views, no wait for the table, the music we want to hear on the stereo, and a choice of dining in or outdoors. You can even stare out at the ocean with a glass of wine while you wait for dinner to be served. You can't get away with it every night soooo take the family out when they insist. Make reservations in advance in the high season. This website lists most of the restaurants in Aruba -

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