Public Buses...ARUBUS!

There is inexpensive and reliable daily bus service between all the districts and the hotel areas. Click here for a link to the current schedules and more info:

The main bus station is located in downtown Oranjestad across from the waterfront shops and restaurants. From here, one can very affordably travel to anywhere along the hotel stretch. Originally only popular with the locals, tourists are discovering that this is an inexpensive and efficient way to get around between the hotel/beach area and downtown.

Line Sevices: The largest operator is Arubus, a Government company that owns 29 buses, presently operating six lines. The most important one is the route from San Nicolas to Oranjestad and further on to the hotel zone. This line has a share of some 80% in the total passenger transport of Arubus.

The other routes transport passengers from the smaller population centers to Oranjestad, San Nicolas and the hotel zone. During the last few years, the route structure has been adjusted to reflect the growing importance of the tourist sector and as a result, fewer routes with more passengers are transported. In peak hours Arubus uses 14 buses for the line services.

Mini Buses: Around 40 buses (12 seats) supply regular transport on the road from San Nicolas to Oranjestad. These buses are privately owned.